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Times when WDD sponsored or partnered on other cool projects.

Circadian City

By Nowhere Studios

Nowhere Studios
Burak Tezateser – Lead Designer
Tolga Altug – Producer
Erkan Erturk – Art Director
Emre Akinci – Lead Programmer
Emre Kuzuoglu – Narrative Designer
Ebru Kaplan – Game Designer, Writer
Battal Batin Seyrek – Game Artist
Cem Elci – Game Artist
Omer Faruk Gonen – Game Programmer
Burak Canik – Game Programmer
Ugurcan Orcun – Sound, Music
Esma Esin Yilmaz – UI Design, Marketing
Omer Bilge Ersoy – Technical Surpervisor

Special Thanks to
Rajen Savjani
Metin Arica
Bora Helvacioglu
Derya Demiragli
and everyone who shared their ideas, feedback, tested the game and motivated us to make an even better game.

Half Past Fate

By Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge
Zhenghua Yang (Z) – Executive Producer, Narrative Director
Kersti Kodas – Director of Development, Lead Designer, Art Director
Kevin Adams – Lead Programmer, Feels Designer
Christina Skyles – Character Artist, Animator, Narrative Designer
Samuel Herb – Technical Artist, Additional Writing
Alex Ang – 3D Animator, Narrative Designer
Latonya White – Character Artist, Environment Artist, Animator
Alicia Poon – Artist, Designer, Additional Writing
Abby Debusk – Environment Artist, Color & Layout Artist
Kevin Zhang – Marketing, Business Development, Narrative Designer
Andy Schmitt – Technical Producer, Systems Designer, Consoles Programmer
Andrew Wilson – UI Programmer, Consoles Programmer
Cameron Riach – Designer, Additional Writing
Max Messenger Bouricius – Music
Brock Soicher – Systems Programmer
Jacob Pursell – SFX Designer
Erik Coburn – Programming Support, QA
Boan “Dian” Ding – Programming Support, QA
Kiera Tomlinson – Animator, QA
Sammy Fasick – Artist, QA
Jacob Bloom – QA
Frigyes Racz – Narrative Consulting
Will Holby – Narrative Consulting
Jenna Ramos – Narrative Consulting
Andy Evans – Legal

Way Down Deep
Rajen Savjani – Concept Director

Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing

By Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge
Zhenghua Yang (Z) – Executive Producer
Christina Skyles – Creative Director, Co-Writer
Parker Davis – Producer, Audio Director, Co-Writer
Alicia Poon – Illustrator
Bridget Olson – Character Animator
Kristin Butcher – Environment Artist
Kevin Adams – Programmer
Kevin Zhang – Business & Marketing Director
Sebastian Faura – Publishing Associate

Special Thanks
Zach Phillips
Seneca Yang
Dorothy Butcher

Way Down Deep
Rajen Savjani – Concept Director

Some Distant Memory

By Galvanic Games

Galvanic Games
Amanda End – Engineer, Project Manager
CJ Kimberlin – Lead Engineer
Sean Gibbons – Writer
Royce McLean – Lead Art
Auston Montville – Sr Engineer
Patrick Morgan – Creative Director
Dominic Sodano – Animation
Jesse Tucker – Level Design

With help from
David Felton – Graphic Design
Steffani Lawhead – Art
Matthew Morgan – Sound Design
Amos Roddy – Music
M Josh Cauller – Trailers
Nic Freeman – Lead QA
Jay Moore – Business Development
Mikey Cox – Marketing

Way Down Deep
Rajen Savjani – Producer

The Stars Between Us

By Invrse Reality

Invrse Reality
Ryan Smith – Game Director, Art and Design, Writing
Clinton Reddie – Lead Gameplay Programmer, Writing
Livio De La Cruz – Tools Programmer
Sarah Belhumeur – Concept Art and Illustration
Jame Dirkson – QA Testing
John “Slide20XX” Smith – Music and Sound Design
Title Song, “Stars Between” by Slide 20XX and Emily Anderson
Sam Jones – Principal Media Coordinator
Trailer By Vanessa Williams

Special Thanks
Nirav Desai
Xuny Haley
CoMotion Labs
Elizabeth Scallon
Ron Theis
Jennifer Ash
Will Mason
Victor Brodin
Hunter Zinkil
Joshua Jonas
and Jayne

Way Down Deep
Rajen Savjani – Producer, Story

The Stars Between Us (OST)

By John “Slide20XX” Smith

Tracks 1-6:
Music by John “Slide20XX” Smith

Tracks 7, 11, 12:
Music by John “Slide20XX” Smith
Music and Lyrics by Emily Anderson


By Yirui Tian

Film by Yirui Tian

Story By RS


By Alanna Pastore

Nuance by Alanna Pastore

Animation by Alanna Pastore

Music by Keven MacLeod

Story by RS


By Mark Dizon

Directed by Mark E. Dizon

Story by RS


By DusT

Film by DustT

Story by RS

Upon Waking

By Mark Dizon

Directed by Mark E. Dizon

Story by RS

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