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Times when WDD sponsored or partnered on other cool projects.

Circadian City
By Nowhere Studios

Oh my restless mind. All the stresses of the day creep their way into my brain as I sleep.

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Date Night Bowling
By Serenity Forge

Try not to strike out with your date while going for strikes.


Fire Tonight
By Reptoid Games

Inspired by “Fire Tonight” by Information Society.

Half Past Fate
By Serenity Forge

Sometimes it’s just a moment that changes everything. Sometimes a day. Sometimes it takes years to understand what you’ve always had.

Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing
By Serenity Forge

Will the lockdown wilt this budding romance?

Land of Screens
By Serenity Forge

In a world stuck on digital connections, the only way to get through with your sanity intact is to go analog.


Some Distant Memory
By Galvanic Games

All those messages we shared – the letters, the texts, the emails. What becomes of them after we’re gone?

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The Stars Between Us
By Invrse Reality

Messages in bottles have a mystique to them. A sentiment cast into a void with some hope and maybe a wish is a beautiful thing.

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By Natalie Walker

“Join me on this journey and reconnect with life. Join me on this journey and feel like a kid again. Come vibe and feel the magic of simpler times.”

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Fire Tonight (OST)
By Lex Metcalfe

Fire Tonight features an original electronic soundtrack from composer Lex Metcalfe to jam out to while helping the young couple find a way to reunite in a blazing neon-tinted city. (coming August 12, 2021)

The Stars Between Us (OST)
By John “Slide20XX” Smith

Original soundtrack for VR puzzle game, The Stars Between Us. The Stars Between Us is the story of a message in a bottle, two people fated to meet, and love across the universe. The soundtrack mixes elements of digital fusion, classical, and little bits of chiptune.

Outta Our Shells
By Greg Johnson

It’s not always easy to get good conversations going with friends or strangers. Outta Our Shells is a simple game that’s all about getting to know each other.

By Yirui Tian

“…just sitting there in my favorite spot on my blue couch. It’s as comfortable as I remember, my expectations met. I feel secure, I feel comfortable…”

By Alanna Pastore

When we finally met – nuance, mannerisms, pheromones, subtext…

By Mark Dizon

“It was 2pm on a workday…”

By DusT

When you don’t want the date to end…

Upon Waking
By Mark Dizon

“In my half asleep state early this morning I felt a hand across my chest…”

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